Laken van der Syl is the artist formerly known as Linnaea. She underwent an artist-name transformation in April of 2020; having performed and published music as Linnaea since 2016, her intentions as a solo artist shifted, as well as her concerns with the implications of the name itself. Linnaea is an iteration of the artist's middle name, Linnea, and was the original inspiration for the artist name. This name tied the artist to her Swedish origins, as she was named for the flower that is named after Carl Linnaeus, the Swedish botanist. Striking a balance between a cultural heritage she cherishes and a heritage of violence that correlates with the social views of Linnaeus, who believed in and advocated for a hierarchy of the races in the 1700's, was long heavy for her to carry as an artist. Furthermore, Linnaea served best as a solo pop-artist name, which the artist found herself moving beyond in the years since 2016. It is for these reasons that the artist has chosen to change her name to Laken van der Syl, a re-arrangement of her legal name.  Now that she is based in the Netherlands, the artist's Swedish last name, Sylvander, is arranged to reflect the other side of her heritage: that which is Dutch. By bringing her name closer to her concept of self, she opens the door to more personal, experimental work: a freedom of authenticity. 

Laken van der Syl claims full ownership of all work released as Linnaea.

© 2020 by Laken van der Syl - independent musician, digital producer, singer songwriter